Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity is a complex and on-going challenge for companies of all sizes.  The increasing frequency, sophistication, and ever-changing nature of cyber intrusions and data breaches cause major business disruptions, public release of confidential information, reputation damage, and other negative financial and operational impacts.  Creating an effective cybersecurity program is essential in addressing cyber threats for SMBs and large enterprises alike.

The Clarus Tech Partners’ consulting team works with your organization to define, design and implement customized strategies to protect your data assets.  We provide strategic and operational consulting services and use a full-spectrum approach - thorough data and system assessments, analysis of your risk vulnerabilities, then develop a roadmap to provide a complete picture of your cybersecurity posture and a clear vision of how to implement your cybersecurity solutions.


Cybersecurity regulations and data privacy laws require documentation of policies and procedures as evidence of compliance, to capture policy attestations, and create an audit trail.  Clear policies and documentation demonstrate to clients and regulators the importance your company places on the protection of PII and other data and information.  In the event of a data breach or compliance audits, clear policies will be reviewed and will be a part of the mitigation and defense against any fines and/or legal action.

Clarus Tech Partners has the expertise and uses best practices guidelines to write, update and/or do a third-party audit review of your company’s strategic, operational, and regulatory policies and procedures documents applicable for your industry’s needs, including:

  • NIST/DFARS/CMMC Compliance Documentation

  • GDPR/CCPA/NYDFS/NYSHIELD & Other Regulatory Documentation

  • Cybersecurity & Security System Plans

  • Incidence Response & Management Plans

  • Information Security Policies

  • Data Privacy & Protection Policies

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

  • Risk Management Plans

  • Vendor & Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Security Risk Assessments

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees and Customers

Management Consulting

Management consulting helps business leadership to identify company challenges, gather information, and implement solutions.  By bringing in a professional management consultant to assess your company and address comprehensive problems, you are preparing your company for new growth. 

The Clarus Tech Partners’ management consultants provide our clients with an audit of your current procedures, recommendations for improvements, and an action plan and roadmap for implementation.  We work with businesses across the business functions -- including IT, finance, supply chain, HR, sales, marketing and the executive leadership, to improve their performance, develop new processes, solve pain-points, and boost business growth and innovation.  

Business Continuity

Business continuity planning focuses on preparing your company for the unexpected, such as security breaches, natural disasters, pandemics, service outages, and other potential threats.  A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) outlines the procedures and instructions an organization will follow in case of such disasters and it covers the business processes, assets, human resources, and all your business functions.  Having a company-wide Business Continuity Plan in case of an emergency is essential.  And even for small businesses, you need to have an effective BCP to restore critical business functions and avoid business disruption.  

Clarus Tech Partners can help develop and implement your company’s business continuity plan which includes a comprehensive look at the continuity of the entire organization.  We can also assist your company with organizational strategy, disaster recovery plans, risk and change management, and cybersecurity and data privacy training to support your business needs.  

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Data Privacy Regulations

Data privacy is a part of data security concerned with the responsible handling of personally identifiable information (PII), including regulatory consent, notice, and reporting obligations.  Transparency in how businesses request consent, abide by their privacy policies, and manage and store the data is vital to building trust and accountability with customers and partners who expect privacy and protection of their data.   Plus it is challenging for companies to understand and comply with ever-evolving privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA.  


The Clarus Tech Partners’ team helps companies navigate these complex global data privacy rights requirements.  We develop solutions specific for your organization – assess your requirements and regulatory obligations then establish a compliance strategy to meeting your state, federal and international data privacy laws and regulations.

Cybersecurity Testing

Many state, federal and international regulators require organizations to comply with a patchwork of laws and other restrictions when collecting, storing, using, and disclosing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other types of sensitive information.  As part of the compliance requirements, quarterly and/or annual regulatory assessments and testing is required.


In addition, your business partners, clients, or customers may require that your company complete compliance assessments before they do business with your organization to ensure compliance regulations are followed and so their own data assets are protected.  


Clarus Tech Partners provides Vulnerability Assessments, GDPR Compliance Scans, PCI Compliance Scans, and Penetration Testing to help protect your company's valuable data assets.   Our comprehensive and attested assessments and tests include detailed reports with an executive summary, severity levels, compliance status, and remediation recommendations and roadmap.

Project Management

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries struggle to determine the best approach for developing, implementing, and monitoring an effective cybersecurity, data compliance and other IT and organizational projects.  Project management methodologies and best practices can provide the framework for guiding organizations through this process.

At Clarus Tech Partners our consultants are PMI PMP® certified and have the extensive knowledge to help you achieve your company’s specific project objectives.  Our project management leaders have successfully managed projects from large-scale, enterprise-level projects, to small project teams deploying front-line initiatives. Whether rescuing a project that is off course, creating a PMO, managing a portfolio or developing methodologies to enable future project success, we have the expertise and the track record to help you be successful with your projects.