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Mergers & Acquisitions
Due Diligence


According to Gartner, “more than 80% of legal and compliance leaders tell us that third party risks were identified after initial onboarding and due diligence, suggesting traditional due diligence methods in risk management policy fail to capture new and evolving risks.”  


An M&A starts with due diligence and continues through transition to integration. Each of these phases poses a different cybersecurity challenge in terms of strategic, technology, and transitional and operational risks.  


Some of the key challenges include the lack of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance artefacts, documentation and evidence and acquiring organizations rely on the limited information available of the target organization’s cyber and compliance landscape to make their decision. 

data security auditing

Due Diligence & Risk Assessment

Thorough due diligence is crucial in any M&A transaction. Our team conducts meticulous research and analysis to provide you with a clear understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with potential acquisitions. We help you make informed decisions to safeguard your investment. 

We have successfully partnered with M&A teams to provide the cybersecurity and data regulatory compliance that should be an integral part of your M&A due diligence. During the due diligence period, we’ll conduct a deep dive assessment, vulnerability risk assessment, and systems and applications penetration testing to understand the target organization’s areas of risks. 

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