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Cybersecurity is a complex and on-going challenge for companies of all sizes.  The increasing frequency, sophistication, and ever-changing nature of cyber intrusions and data breaches cause major business disruptions, public release of confidential information, reputation damage, and other negative financial and operational impacts.  Establishing an effective cybersecurity program is imperative in addressing cyber threats for SMBs and large enterprises alike. 


We utilize our proprietary methods and industry best practices to evaluate, enhance, and oversee your organization's cybersecurity program.  

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Cybersecurity Assessment & Roadmap

The Clarus Tech Partners’ consulting team works with your organization to assess, define, design and implement customized strategies to protect your data assets.


We provide strategic and operational consulting services and use a full-spectrum approach - thorough data and system assessments, analysis of your risk vulnerabilities, then develop a roadmap to provide a complete picture of your cybersecurity posture and a clear vision of how to implement your cybersecurity solutions. 

Incident Readiness Development & Tabletop Exercises

We assess our clients' existing systems, identify potential vulnerabilities, and develop comprehensive incident response plans tailored to their specific needs.


We then conduct tabletop exercises by simulating realistic scenarios, facilitating discussions among client teams, and analyzing responses to refine and improve your incident response capabilities to enhance your cybersecurity preparedness and resilience. 


Penetration Testing is designed to discover exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems to prevent a cyber attack from compromising your business.  We perform internal, external, web application, social engineering, and segmentation penetration testing, tailored to align with your business needs and compliance regulations.


Whether for annual assessments or during new system rollouts, major system updates, or code changes, we provide comprehensive testing to enhance your cybersecurity posture. 


Vulnerability scanning is the process of discovering, analyzing, and reporting on security flaws and vulnerabilities. We utilize automated vulnerability scanning tools to identify potential risk exposures and attack vectors across an organization’s networks, hardware, software, and systems.


Cybersecurity compliance and regulations, such as HIPAA, SOC2, PCI DSS, and GDPR, require quarterly scans. 

Policies & Procedures Development and Review

Compliance with cybersecurity regulations and data privacy laws necessitates documented policies and procedures, serving as evidence, capturing policy attestations, and creating an audit trail.


Clear policies and documentation not only showcase your organization's commitment to safeguarding PII and data but also play a crucial role in mitigating and defending against fines and legal actions in the event of a data breach or compliance audits.

Penetration Testing

Clarus Tech Partners simplifies the complex world of cybersecurity and data privacy. This 2-minute video explains why your organization needs to conduct a penetration test from a third-party vendor, as well as the straightforward process that Clarus developed to ensure the highest quality of service. 

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The Penetration Test includes testing your security controls to identify and evaluate your network topology, active hosts, IP addresses, installed operating systems, open network ports, and all installed security devices.

This data is used to exploit the determined weak points of your network in an attempt to gain access. A system restore is immediately performed to return the network to its original state, prior to the intrusion.

Clarus Tech Partners excels in cybersecurity consulting services due to our in depth expertise, commitment to tailored solutions, comprehensive understanding of industry regulations, and a proactive approach, ensuring clients receive top-notch guidance and protection against diverse cyber threats. 

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