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Executive & Board of Directors Cybersecurity Training

Does your board understand cybersecurity requirements and global regulations?

Recent high-profile cyber breaches, impacting millions of customers and employees, have led to substantial losses for businesses, encompassing direct response costs, operational disruptions, regulatory fines, reputational harm, diminished shareholder value, and legal actions from affected parties.  Despite the rising risk of cyber attacks targeting businesses of every size and industry, there remains a significant gap for organizations when it comes to cyber literacy and education.

Many companies struggle to prioritize cybersecurity as a top-tier risk. 


To establish an effective cybersecurity defense, it's essential for executives and board of directors to have a level-set understanding of cybersecurity and build this mindset into the foundation of everything the company does. 

Clarus Tech Partners recognizes the regulatory and fiduciary requirements of boards and delivers tailored cybersecurity training programs for executive teams and board of directors for public, private, and non-profit organizations. 

Clarus Tech Partners' comprehensive program covers fundamental cybersecurity concepts, regulatory requirements, emerging threats, risk management, potential stakeholder impacts, governance strategies, and incident response - shifting the perception of cybersecurity from a technical issue to a strategic asset. 

Our Board of Directors Cybersecurity & Governance Program includes understanding your company's unique requirements and tailoring the agenda to align with your specific needs and covers topics such as...

Understanding the SEC Cybersecurity and Reporting Requirements 

Board's Fiduciary Duty & Importance of Oversight 

Cybersecurity 101: What Boards Need to Know 

Direct & Indirect Costs of a Data Breach 

Staying Ahead of Emerging Threats (AI,IoT, Data Analytics)











​Cybersecurity and D&O Insurance 

Global Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Regulatory Landscape

Assessing Your Cybersecurity Governance Framework 

Collaboration between Board, Executive Management & IT 

Board's Pivotal Role in Compliance

Public Companies: The SEC's New Rule on Cybersecurity

The SEC’s recent adoption of cybersecurity rules mandates public companies to disclose material cybersecurity incidents and maintain robust risk management, strategy, and governance programs. 


Even if your company isn't publicly traded, as a third party, you may still be held to these standards by investors and stakeholders. Private organizations are also adopting similar measures to align with current industry best practices.  


These regulations underscore the need for board members to possess a solid understanding of the organization’s cybersecurity landscape to align with their fiduciary and statutory responsibilities.

SEC Requirements 


Annual disclosure of cybersecurity risk management, strategy, and governance. 

The disclosures must include:

  • The Board's knowledge and oversight process, including any delegation to committees.

  • How the Board is informed about risks from cybersecurity threats.

  • Management's role in assessing, identifying, and managing material risk from cybersecurity threats.

  • Any "material" cyber incidents within 4 days.

Effective reporting dates: December 18, 2023 (larger companies) and June 15, 2024 (smaller companies and foreign private issuers). 


Organization Cybersecurity
Assessments & Audits

Clarus also conducts external cybersecurity assessments and audits to assess your organization's security posture, identify vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.


The insights gained from these assessments can inform the board and broaden their comprehension of cybersecurity risks and priorities.

  • Risk Assessment & Audit 

  • Incident Response Planning & Table Top Exercises 

  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment 

  • Third-Party Risk Assessment 

  • Policies & Procedures Development 

  • Vulnerability & Penetration Testing 

  • SOC2/ISO 27001 Readiness 

Contact us to learn more about our organizational assessments and audits to ensure the resilience and accuracy of your cybersecurity programs.​

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