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Cyber Security Data Checklist

Know Your Potential Data Risks 

Get An Action Plan

CLARUS TECH PARTNERS OFFERS a complimentary data security action Plan

Audits help organizations to focus on the critical security and compliance risks that impact the bottom line of their operations.  The first step is to identify where data resides and where the breach vulnerabilities are to protect your business’ information assets.To check the potential risks of your data, complete the questionnaire below. 


Our Cybersecurity compliance experts will review and send you a complimentary action plan from Clarus Tech Partners. This will help you to fix any major data security vulnerabilities before they turn into larger issues for your business.

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Initial risk assessment

Does your business have off-site storage of critical data backups?
Does your business email system protect against spam, phishing, and other email security issues?
Does your firewall solution provide additional security services such as Gateway Antivirus, Gateway Antispyware, Intrusion Prevention and Content Filtering?
Does your business have up-to-date endpoint protection (Antivirus, Anti-malware) installed on every desktop and laptop?
Does your security team perform regular vulnerability assessments on your networks and systems?
Does your business educate employees about security threats, such as ransomware, phishing, spyware, and how to avoid them?

Please fill in your contact information so we can deliver your initial cyber plan.

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