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Clarus CEO Shares How to Create a Cybersecurity Program in Connected Real Estate Magazine

Updated: Apr 11

Clarus Tech Partners’ CEO Christine Baird shares the details on how to create a cyber security program in this exclusive article in the Spring 2019 Edition of Fifth Gen Media’s Connected Real Estate Magazine, a publication that focuses on wireless and technology topics in the commercial real estate vertical, such as smart buildings, 5G, and other PropTech real estate technologies.

Baird writes:

I believe that commercial real estate and finance related firms are

especially vulnerable to cyber attacks.  Commercial real estate interfaces with so many others – investors, buyers, sellers, brokers, lenders, banks, title, escrow, and law firms – that knowing where the data comes from, how it is processed, and where it goes is critical to the security of the data.

The recommendations of how to create your organization’s cybersecurity program include:

  1. Assess Your Data: Conduct a Thorough Audit of Your Cybersecurity Assets and Policies

  2. Implement Your Cybersecurity Program

  3. Monitor Your Cybersecurity Program

Christine Baird is the CEO of Clarus Tech Partners, a New York and California based technology company, and with her team of IT, legal, cybersecurity, and compliance experts they advise and implement cybersecurity and data privacy compliance solutions.



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