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Penetration Testing

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With increased global connectivity, cyber attacks have the potential to cause more damage to your private data and company than ever before. Clarus Tech Partners understands the importance of privacy and data security. 


Penetration Testing is designed to discover exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems to prevent a cyber attack from compromising your business. 

How It Works

  • The Penetration Test includes testing your security controls to identify and evaluate your network topology, active hosts, IP addresses, installed operating systems, open network ports, and all installed security devices.

  • This data is used to exploit the determined weak points of your network in an attempt to gain access. 

  • A system restore is immediately performed to return the network to its original state, prior to the intrusion.


Scan your network to discover vulnerabilities for security and compliance requirements.


Simulated real-work attacks to better understand how your system is susceptible to intrusions and potential damage.


Detailed executive report paired with remediation to improve your overall security procedures.


Meet Penetration Testing Requirements with your validated and attested Pass Report.

The penetration test report will provide information on the areas of the system that were compromised during the intrusion, as well as, intrusion-resistance recommendations and qualitative analysis information. 


Once all high and medium vulnerabilities are remediated, Clarus Tech Partners will then rescan and provide a certified pass report to meet your audit, regulatory and compliance requirements. 


The Clarus Tech Partners team can help with the remediation steps and the design of your cybersecurity plan and data privacy requirements. 

Your Penetration Test Includes

Web Enabled Vulnerability Assessment Scanning

Executive Summary and Detailed Findings Report

Remediation Recommendations Report

Re-scan up to 30 days 

Certified Pass Report after Remediation

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Penetration Test 

  • For the Entrepreneur to Small Business

  • 1 Internal or External IP Address or URL



Penetration Test

  • For the SMB (Small to Medium Sized Business)

  • Up to 5 Internal/External IP Addresses or URLs



Penetration Test

  • For the Medium-Sized to Enterprise Business

  • Up to 20 Internal/External IP Addresses or URLs

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