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GDPR Compliance Assessment

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The GDPR Compliance Assessment examines your security controls and IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could compromise your networks, systems, and applications. It is a critical step in meeting the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) requirements.


The GDPR requires that all organizations with access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of European Union (EU) citizens assess and take measures to ensure the security and privacy of their data.

A GDPR Compliance Assessment IS the First Step in European union Cybersecurity Compliance and Improving your company's Security 

It's Time to Protect Your Data

Minimize the risk of compromise in your personal data and discover where your infrastructure is not meeting GDPR regulations. 

How it Works

  • We scan your IT infrastructure that collects, stores or transmits personal data and search for vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could compromise and allow unauthorized access to your systems.

  • We provide you with the results of the assessment in a detailed GDPR Compliance Assessment report with an executive summary and detailed recommendations. 

  • At Clarus Tech Partners, our expert team can help your company with the remediation steps and provide the appropriate recommendations to improve and validate your GDPR efforts and status.

New York City

Your Assessment Includes

Executive Level and Technical Reports with detailed findings about your system's vulnerabilities

Remediation recommendations for GDPR compliance

Re-scans up to 30 days

Certified Pass Report after Remediation

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GDPR Compliance Assessment

  • For the Entrepreneur to Small Business

  • 1 IP Address or URL


GDPR Compliance Assessment

  • For the SMB (Small to Medium Sized Business)

  • Up to 5 IP Addresses or URLs


GDPR Compliance Assessment

  • For the Medium-Sized to Enterprise Business

  • Up to 10 IP Addresses or URLs

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