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Vulnerability Risk Assessments

The First Step in Cybersecurity Compliance and Improving your Company's Security   

Vulnerability Risk Assessments identify security weaknesses in networks, systems, and applications.  Vulnerabilities can stem from unpatched applications or operating systems, a small misconfiguration in a firewall or router, or from other areas in your networks or systems.

Cyber attackers can easily find vulnerabilities and are always looking to exploit easy targets. It can be difficult to defend against an attack if you are unaware of the vulnerabilities currently present in your systems. That's why Vulnerability Assessments are required for most compliance regulations.  Completing your Vulnerability Assessment is the first step in keeping your company and client data safe from external threats.

It's Time to Protect Your Data

While reactive IT departments spend their time covering security weaknesses with cyber “band-aids”, proactive IT teams use vulnerability assessment scans to assess their security posture to discover the severity of their vulnerabilities, create their cybersecurity programs, and reduce their exposure to cyber risks.

Industry best practice is to perform vulnerability assessment scanning at least once per quarter. Quarterly vulnerability scans tend to catch any major security holes that need to be assessed, but depending on your unique organizational needs, you may need scans monthly or even weekly.

How it Works

The Clarus Tech Partners team provides your company with a detailed Vulnerability Assessment report with an executive summary and detailed recommendations based upon the results.

We can help with the remediation steps and the design of your cybersecurity plan and data privacy requirements. 

Once all high and medium vulnerabilities are remediated, we will then rescan and provide a certified pass report to meet your audit, regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Your Assessment Includes

Web Enabled Vulnerability Assessment Scanning

Executive Summary and Detailed Findings Report

Remediation Recommendations Report

Re-scans up to 30 days 

Certified Pass Report after Remediation

Questions about Vulnerability Risk Assessments?
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Keep your data safe from external threats with a Vulnerability Assessment. 

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