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Investor Strategies at the 2018 MIPIM – International Real Estate Conference Event

More than 24,000 real estate investors, developers, financial institutions, asset & investment fund groups, government dignitaries, city and local organizations, political leaders, advisors, architects, and innovators from over 100 countries attended the annual MIPIM event from 13th – 16th March, 2018.

MIPIM is the premier event for any organization involved in global real estate.  With more than 360 speakers, 100 conference and panel discussions, and 3,100 exhibiting cities and companies, MIPIM brings together the most influential players from all sectors of the international real estate world for four days of intensive conferences, exhibitions, and lots of business deal making and networking.

MIPIM, held yearly at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France, included the key points of optimism for growth in real estate investment expected for this year and investment strategies in urban development, the shift of focus on cities and regions rather than countries, and utilizing more technology.

From the MIPIM Pressroom:

Ministers, mayors and politicians talk urban future & investment opportunities

With real estate playing such an important role in many national economies, MIPIM welcomed government ministers from a host of countries that included France, Turkey, the UK, Russia, Poland, Egypt, Israel and Abu Dhabi.

France’s Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Jacques Mezard, conducted the official opening of MIPIM 2018 on March 13.  Speaking to reporters about investment opportunities in his country, the minister said that France’s President Emmanuel Macron is pro-investment and that France now has a dynamic international image.

MIPIM maps world urbanity

With hundreds of ambitious urban development projects on show throughout the event, MIPIM 2018’s central theme ‘Mapping World Urbanity,’ focused attention on the need for city authorities and real estate companies to take a joined-up strategic approach to urban development at a time when cities house over 50% of the world’s population.

Investor strategies eye cities and tech

Throughout the week, investors on conference panels and in the Palais exhibition zone acknowledged that the increasing importance of cities as economic drivers, has led them to adopt a city-by-city investment strategy compared to a country or regional approach of previous years.

A poll of the RE-Invest participants showed that 40% planned to revise their investment strategy due to the potential of new technology.

Technology is increasingly providing innovative solutions and ideas for the real estate sector.

For more info about MIPIM, see the website at and the wrap up Press Release.

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