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How many GDPR complaints so far?

Excerpts from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) | by Christine Baird, Clarus Tech Partners | 27 June 2018

As a member of IAPP, the go-to source for everything GDPR, I was curious about the initial fall-out after the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) penalties went into effect just a month ago on May 25th.

During the past month, GDPR already has a global impact, from multiple U.S. based news sites, including the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune, that restricted access to European users, and privacy advocacy groups filing complaints against the practices of big tech companies, including Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

On the one-month anniversary, the IAPP contacted Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) of each of the 28 member states to check in and discuss how many complaints they had received since May 25th.

Here are the results from IAPP’s John Choudhari, for The Privacy Advisor:

GDPR complaints received by EU member states since May 25

Includes Staff Data from 2016, Annual Budget Data from 2017, cited from the IDCPPC 2017 Census