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Christine Baird


Christine is an executive leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years in international businesses, including information technology, finance, real estate, oil & gas, telecommunications, healthcare, and aerospace & defense in the U.S., Central & South America, Asia & Europe.  She was responsible for the Intuit Corp. business operations team to provide organizational strategy, implement ERP & CRM enterprise systems, and re-engineered business processes.  At Oracle Corporation, she was in the consulting division for program management and business development and operations for the ERP and database systems.

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Gia Fisher

Chief Information Security Officer

Gia is a certified Chief Information Security Officer, CISSP, with 20+ years of global technology and international business leadership experience and spearheads our team on cyber security and network operations, data privacy compliance, security integrations, cybersecurity threat intelligence, incidence response, risk management, and disaster recovery plans and maintenance for our clients. She has in-depth experience from small organizations to global enterprises in data systems architecture, IBM Security, GDPR/CCPA/23NYCRR 500 assessments and remediation, ISO Standards, NIST, HIPAA, C-Suite big data intelligence & analytics.

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Arturo Santos

Data Security Architect

Arturo is our Information Systems Governance and Security Solutions Architect and CISSP certified with over 20 years of experience leading the implementation of solutions for information systems security, IT governance, risk and compliance management, and project and change management. Arturo has in-depth experience in cybersecurity, data privacy compliance, IBM Security, GDPR/CCPA/23NYCRR 500 assessments and remediation, SO Standards, NIST, HIPAA, incidence response management, and development of policies, business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

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